Underwater Museum Cancun


The worlds most famous underwater sculpture museum

The SCUBA CANCUN DIVE CENTER along with the Nautical Associates of Isla Mujeres and Cancun, supported this amazing project to provide beginner and advanced divers with an alternate dive site that is focused on the creation of a new artificial reef.  Artist Jason deCaires Taylor, created these magnificent lifesize underwater sculptures that are made of a special kind of cement that welcomes microscopic organisms.

Come and see the famous “man on fire sculpture” as figure that is covered with fire coral grows, or  the “Collector of Dreams” a sculpture with several in-bottled messages of peace and environmental health as well as the  The “Jardinera de la Esperanza” which collects different kinds of coral formation as an underwater garden.

“The Silent Evolution” 400 life-size statues described by the artist as: “Forming a vast gathering of people aiming to define a new era of living in a symbiotic relationship with nature” this is Jason’s most ambitious work to date.

The third phase of the project invites local and international artists to develop the installation of more sculptures.


SCUBA CANCUN DIVE CENTER brings divers to the museum on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.
Departure: 2:15pm
Beginner Divers: Lesson, one tank pool dive, one tank museum dive $95 U.S.D.
Certified Divers: One tank museum dive $62 U.S.D.


We also offer our Referral Courses, our Open Water Certification Courses and our Advanced Open Water Courses, the Under Water Cancun Museum Dive as part of their course. Ask us how
Also you may choose the Under Water Cancun Museum Dive as part of a Diving Package

If you seek more information about the artist and the sculptures, please visit Jason deCaires Taylor at UNDERWATER SCULPTURE.


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